Sunday, July 29, 2012

More vintage and antique finds at Grandma's house...

So this is yet another post about my recent trip down to my Grandparent's house, which is full of antiques and vintage items. I am basically going to just share with you some pictures, and try to best describe what is in each of them. Let's start with an Aunt Jemima cookie jar:
She sits on a shelf in my grandma's "Old Fashioned Style Kitchen". She had a room built onto her house that she could make look like an old kitchen. In the next picture, there are some beautiful vintage wall decorations that hang in her den, that my Mom said my Grandmother made herself a long time ago, in some sort of art class. I never knew this until a couple of weeks ago, though I have seen them hanging on her wall for years and years. 

Here are some antiques that sit by my grandparent's fireplace in their living room:
Here is a picture of a 'Granny' wearing a yellow dress that sits upon the kitchen counter:
Cute, isn't she? :)
Next, a very horrible picture of me with my sweet 82 year old Grandma. I say horrible, because I look absolutely terrible in this picture because I have gained so much weight, lol. But you can read about that on my other blog called, Jessica Has ToLoseWeight, that documents my weight loss adventure. Now back to the picture, haha:
Here is a gorgeous picture of my Grandma when she was younger...
Under it is a picture of both my Grandparents around their 50thWedding Anniversary. Next is a picture of an antique salt and pepper shaker set:

This sits in the old kitchen. I think its an old cabinet/cupboard:
Here is a shelf full of goodies in their dining room. Notice the collection of Pillsbury Dough Boys:
An old-timey telephone that hangs in their kitchen:
Some antique butter churns:

Aaaaannnnddd......a collection of plates:

Here are some antique lamps:
Antique dishes given to my Grandmother by her father (my great-grandfather):
Rubber duckies anyone?
Vintage collectible bells:
Antique accordion:
Some vintage pictures:
Some antique and vintage figurines:
An antique stove. REALLY love love love this:
Antique perfume bottle sprayer:
And of all of the antique and vintage things my Grandma collects, I would have to say that dolls are her favorite. I will leave you with pictures of some of them:

And that concludes my trip to my Granparent's house! Hope you enjoyed looking at all of the antique and vintage goodies.

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