Sunday, June 17, 2012

My new etsy store: vintagechicfinds

Hey everyone! I am Jessica, and have recently opened up a new shop on called vintagechicfinds. I am very excited about this and have decided to start a blog to let people know about me and my idea behind my shop. Of course, it won't all be just about my Etsy shop! I have many other interesting things to offer you, ha ha. So anyways, I decided I would start by telling you all about my shop and the idea behind it. 
When I was a little girl, I can remember being drug to antique auction after antique auction and street fairs and flea markets by my grandparents. Though I had never even heard of or even muttered the word 'vintage', I thought anything that was used by somebody else was old and lame. Boy, have I changed my mind since I grew up! I'm glad I did, because now the word vintage or antique sparks an excitement within me I cannot explain. How I long to go back to those days with my grandparents. 
Now their home, shed, and barns are full of antique vintage and other awesome interesting unique items. It kind of drives my family crazy, because they think its all just 'junk'. I now understand why they loved going to auctions and antique shows and craft fairs. It all makes sense to me now! I have definitely inherited their love for anything vintage or antique.
One of my favorite things to do now is to frequent garage sales and thrift stores to find vintage items and antiques that others have written off as 'junk'. I love to take something that looks like junk and turn it into something beautiful! I love to recycle, upcyle, and refashion thrift store items! Its kind of my passion. Or maybe an obsession...ha ha. Either way, that is basically the story behind my Etsy store vintagechicfinds. I take old stuff, clean it up, or give it a makeover, and turn it into something beautiful. Unless its already beautiful of course, as a lot of antiques are. So if you love antiques and anything vintage, and you happen to find your way to this blog, I encourage you to head on over to my new Etsy shop, vintagechicfinds, and have yourself a look! You will find a variety of different antique and vintage items. And remember, my shop is new, less than 4 days old so I am in the process of stocking it with more and more vintage,antique, recycled, and up-cycled items everyday! 
Thanks for stopping by!
The Vintage Chic

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